MONSOON IS AN INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADER that provides powerful strategic thinking and deep consumer insights.

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation appoints Monsoon

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation appoints Monsoon following multicultural agency review. For new client CMHC, Monsoon Communications has developed an integrated multi-media marketing campaign…

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Something to Think About

I have often been asked “where do you come from?” There was a time when I would start to explain my long-winded career. India….

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Monsoon Aims to “Make Health Last” for South Asian Community

from Marketing Magazine | May 13, 2013 MONSOON AIMS TO ‘MAKE HEALTH LAST’ FOR SOUTH ASIAN COMMUNITY The Heart & Stroke Foundation has launched…

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Wind Mobile moves Multicultural AOR to Monsoon Communications

Toronto, Canada. December 14, 2012. In a move to emphasize the growing importance of ethnic Canadians in the telecom category, WIND Mobile today announced…

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Rubicon Awards Multicultural Media Business to Monsoon

Monsoon Communications has recently won the multicultural media business for Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks to run this summer in the U.S. and Canada. The…

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Elephant in the Room

My colleague Aziz Memon uses the expression “the elephant in the room” when reflecting on multicultural media planning. The reference is to the unknowns…

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Monsoon is redefining multicultural marketing.

We believe your biggest challenge is finding the right balance between speaking to your audience in a culturally relevant voice and remaining true to your brand's character.

Our vision began to form when we asked the question: "Could clients achieve this balance more effectively if they partnered with senior agency professionals – smart, talented people who thought strategically and could work seamlessly with their mainstream agency?"

Monsoon is redefining what is possible in multicultural marketing.  Not through empty slogans, but by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the client and mainstream agency – and consistently delivering an exceptional mix of experience, expertise and professionalism.

What's the urgency?  Already, 20 percent of Canadians were born outside Canada, and by 2018 it will climb as high as 28 percent, according to a Statistics Canada study.  Most importantly, they will be providing the bulk of future business growth in retail, financial services and other business segments.


MONSOON HAS MAINSTREAM AGENCY EXPERIENCE, so we can work seamlessly with your general agency.

We create key messages that are relevant to New Canadians and enable them to connect with your brand. Any agency can make this claim, so why is our messaging any better?

The answer is simple: experience.

We're a team of senior strategic and creative thinkers with broad experience working at international agencies. Our collective background spans packaged goods, business-to-business, automotive, financial services, retail, airlines, travel, telecom, government and more.

Our portfolio is proof of what our experience can do for you.


We're Redefining Multicultural Marketing. And we can prove it.

Here are eight examples of Monsoon's mainstream agency experience applied to multicultural.


MONSOON HAS BIG-AGENCY EXPERIENCE so it can work seamlessly with your in-house marketing team and mainstream agency partner.

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